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How to detox your breakfast

Today is Day 1 of my express detox into Spring! In my last post, Express Spring Detox, I talked about keeping your health goals realistic and if you want to do a detox, schedule it in around a time where you can commit 100%. With an abnormally busy year of my life, mainly due to an exciting engagement, I am keeping it real and doing a good 2 week cleanse. The aim for this one is to kick my body out of winter mode and into Spring, with a focus on glowing skin!

One of the goals in detoxing is to allow your body to self clean and repair itself back to optimal health and well-being. A nutrient dense smoothie, is a great way to start your days while detoxing. Smoothies are easy to digest, reducing any hard work for your bowels and helping your body to cleanse and repair.

Turn your smoothie into a cleansing one
If you have a super cleansing breakfast, it will get you on the right path for the rest of the day! Try these suggestions to turn your regular breakfast smoothie into a cleansing bonanza!

One of our best super fruits out there. Berries are super high in antioxidants which are vital in any detox plan. The phytochemicals in antioxidants support detoxification and added protection from free radicals, which can be stirred up in the initial parts of a detox where we’re releasing toxins. We all know the antioxidants in berries are also beneficial for maintaining glowing skin, by minimizing cellular damage and preventing aging. Plus they taste amazing in any smoothie!

Super Greens
Nutritionally dense plant greens like spirulina and chlorella are fantastic aids in any healthy detox plan. Not only rich in nutrients, they provide detoxification, alkalisation and general immune system support.

There are a number of ways you can get your greens. Add fresh organic herbs or kale to your smoothies. But an easy and more realistic way is to buy a high quality green supplement powder for your detox. There are a number of practitioner branded detox greens out there which your nutritionist can help you with.
This morning I tried a new product on the market, “Shakti’s superfood blend!”

This is a blend of organic spirulina, chlorella, bee pollen, barley grass, wheat grass, maca root, mesquite and chia seeds. I had this handy sachet, which I just added to my smoothie, easy! For more on this superfood blend, check out Shakti’s website,

Chia Seeds
This tiny seeds pack a nutritional punch. Particularly high in omega 3 essential fatty acids and dietary fibre. These little seeds are fantastic cleansing agents, as they swell up and expand with water. They not only increase satiety but help pull those nasty toxins out of your body!

Psyllium Husk Powder
Add some more fibre to your smoothie with psyllium husks, which absorb fluid and swell in your stomach, assisting in moving your bowels and taking any nasty toxins along with it.

The rest is up to you!
Mix and match your favourite smoothie ingredients; almond milk/rice milk, coconut oil, raw cacao, banana…what ever takes your fancy. Whip it all up in a blender with your greens for one cleansing and energising start to your day.

Good luck with your cleanse if you are joining in! And please feel free to share your experiences…good or bad!

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