Meal Ideas

healthy yum yum is made!

Welcome to healthy yum yum, a place where food meets health and happiness! Being a qualified nutritionist and also a lover of the finer things in life, I hope to bring you my way of living a fun and delicious life while still staying healthy! Trust me when I say that you can nourish your body from your taste buds to your toes, and not miss out on a single delight!

How was ‘healthy yum yum’ cooked up…it could only be the bright young mind of the beautiful Angelique, who inspired the naming of my blog. A special mention to Angie who helped me overcome my over-fried and over analytic adult brain and embrace the simple truth in life and that is that we all love something yummy and my challenge as a nutritionist is to unveil the healthiest of all the yum yums in our world!

I hope you enjoy my posts while I share my knowledge and passion for nutrition, health, food and well being. And hopefully I can inspire (or convince) you along the way to live a healthy, yet always satisfying life.

Amanda xx

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